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How Supply Chain Management Decisions Impact Customer Values

Supply Chain Management decisions have rendered significant concern in recent years for a number of reasons. Directors in many manufactures now realize that activities taken by one member of the supply chain can determine the profitability of all others in the chain. Many international commercial enterprise researchers are of the belief that expanded globalization of markets and increasing international competition mean that firms in all nations will face like, if not identical, competitive environments. Many manufacturing companies are forced to improve the quality of their Chain Management decisions, products and reduce their manufacturing costs.

The main target of Supply Chain Management decisions is 'Customer Satisfaction or values' and to accomplish this, all barricades are eliminated between ultimate customer values and the raw material supplier.

Research in Supply chain management decisions has identified twelve distinct management areas that are affiliated with the subject. Each area comprises a supply chain issue facing the firm.

The twelve categories are:

  • Location

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Outsourcing and logistics alliances

  • Sourcing and supplier management

  • Marketing and channel restructuring

  • Inventory and forecasting

  • Service and after sales support

  • Reverse logistics and green issues

  • Product design and new product introduction

  • Information and electronic mediated environment

  • Metrics and incentives

  • Global issues

  • Customer Value is the satisfaction of customer requirements at the lowest total cost of acquisition, ownership, and use. It's achieved when demands are met fully, reliably, and cost effectively. In today's economic system of dynamic technical, financial, and competitive change, ensuring Customer Value demands impact the most timely and flexible Supply Chain Management decisions.

    LPA, LLC is a Supply Chain software and consulting business offering affordable, easy-to-implement solutions to complex planning problems. Our Managing Partners have over 40 years of combined Supply Chain and Information Systems experience.

    Contact us today to receive a Brochure along with our MS-Powerpoint ® Overview slide show which describes our products general capabilities (we also have a more detailed PSI Planner "Guided Tour" slideshow available upon request).

    After viewing the slide show, let us know if you'd also like to schedule a LIVE WEB DEMO for a more detailed understanding of its capabilities and how it can make your Supply Chain "Lean" by improving your company's service levels and inventory turns (click on "News and Events " for more details).

    Our company also offers Supply Chain consulting services at reasonable rates. We invite you to contact us for a consultation regarding your specific needs. 

    Read current information on How Supply Chain Management Decisions Impact Customer Values.

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