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DRP / MRP Module

Logistics Planning Associates, LLC offers a Distribution/Materials Requirements Planning (DRP/MRP) module that is fully integrated into its PSI Plannersoftware system.

Our DRP module helps your company transition from a "Push" to a "Demand Pull" process, resulting in an efficient, Lean Supply Chain. 

PSI Planner's DRP module develops replenishment plans by evaluating information such as order size, desired safety times/service levels, on-hand inventory, scheduled receipts and both forecasted and actual demands. PSI Planner compares future demand versus available inventory (plus scheduled receipts) to predict future shortages. It then schedules planned replenishment orders (factoring in lead times) based upon user set criteria. 

PSI Planner is especially useful in a multi-level network, since it will net requirements "upwards" to each distribution center's source of supply as set by the user. In addition to deployment requirements, a Master Production Schedule (MPS) will be generated at the plant level. 

Since PSI Planner has Bill of Materials capabilities, it can also function as an MRP system, exploding finished goods requirements from the MPS into raw material and component needs.

The DRP/MRP module is fully integrated with a Forecasting module which will generate item-location statistical forecasts (if the user hasn't imported forecasts generated from another system). It is also fully integrated with an MPS module to create a complete supply chain planning tool! 

Our DRP/MRP and MPS modules are now available as a "stand alone" system going by the name of PSI Planner SPPlease contact us for more information or "click" below to license PSI Planner SP now on Amazon at a special promotional price (available for a limited time only):


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