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7/13/13: PSI Planner now integrated with All Orders and Quickbooks®

10/1/12: New S&OP Management Tool released

10/01/11: PSI Planner version 12.0 released

07/01/11: PSI Planner Guided Tour with Audio Narration Released

06/01/11: Introduction to Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Management Training Package released

03/01/11: PSI Planner™ FC and SP released

02/23/11: PSI Planner™ enables your S&OP process

10/28/10: PSI Planner™version 11.0 released

05/01/10: Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Management Simulation Game Released

10/26/09: PSI Planner™version 10.0 released

9/15/09: PSI Planner™ On-Demand

10/1/08: PSI Planner™ for a "Lean" Supply Chain Free Web Demo

9/1/08: PSI Planner™version 9.0 released

9/1/07: PSI Planner™version 8.0 released

9/5/06: PSI Planner™version 7.0 released

7/1/06: PSI Planner™ ROI Calculator released

8/1/05: PSI Planner™version 6.0 released

8/1/04: PSI Planner™ version 5.0 released

7/1/03: Web based demonstrations and training now available

7/15/03: Supply Chain Training Services 

6/1/03: PSI Planner™ version 4.0 released...new Web Enabled module launched (also includes list of prior enhancements)

10/1/02: PSI Planner  article in APICS Magazine

Press Releases and Articles

PSI Planner now integrated with All Orders a Quickbooks® Partner


All Orders by NumberCruncher
is the first inventory and order management software designed for QuickBooks.  Since 1999 thousands manufacturers,  wholesalers and eTailers rely on our software to manage their everyday business activities accross the globe. With robust inventory control, order management, materials resource planning and production control capabilities, the family of All Orders products delivers manufacturing advanced functionality to small to medium sized businesses at an affordable price.

PSI Planner is fully integrated with NumberCruncher’s flagship product, All Orders, which adds inventory and order management capabilities to QuickBooks® software.

New S&OP Management Tool available at NO COST

We have just released a new Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Management Tool for Excel
® that we are making available to the businesses for free. This tool is integrated with our Supply Chain Planning system, PSI Planner for Windows®, but users can also import data from elsewhere.

The reason we are offering this at no cost is twofold. First, of course we hope that people will see the benefit of having one integrated solution for their Strategic, Tactical and Operations Planning and license PSI Planner
; but we also feel strongly about the need for businesses to have a structured S&OP process to maximize their business performance.

PSI Planner version 12.0 released

PSI Plannerversion 12.0 was released on October 1, 2011. The major enhancements include an Outlier Filter and an additional forecasting method option (the "Naive" method)..

PSI Planner Guided Tour with audio Narration released

Our PSI Planner Guided Tour has just been enhanced with audio narration. If you'd like to view it, let us know and we'll be happy to send you a link.

PSI Planner™ FC and SP released

We are pleased to announce the release of PSI Planner FC, a "lite" version of our popular Forecasting module (does not include our DRP or MPS modules) at a very affordable price. This "lite" version has many of the same features as our current Forecast module, but can now be used as a "stand alone" to drive your S&OP, Master Production Scheduling and Shop Floor Scheduling (or FCS) processes.

We are also offering our DRP/MRP and MPS modules combined as a "stand alone" system going by the name of "
PSI Planner SP™.

Call us today for more information or license now available on Amazon.com for a special promotional price (for a limited time only):

PSI Planner FC for Windows

PSI Planner SC for Windows

PSI Planner™ to enable your S&OP process

PSI Planner can enable your company's Sales and Operations Planning process so that you can see the "forest for the trees" and avoid capacity issues that might limit your company's growth and performance. If you'd like to know more, please contact us about our S&OP slide show.

PSI Planner™ version 11.0 released

PSI Plannerversion 11.0 was released on October 28, 2010. The major enhancement in version 11.0 is a "Best Method" Forecasting option along with other improvements. Our next version will include the addition of a Constrained Planning module

Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Simulation Game Released by Enna

Enna (www.enna.com), a major publisher in the area of "Lean Thinking" has released our new Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Management Simulation Game. This will soon be followed in November 2010 by the first of a number of Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Management Training Packages (Overview, 5S-Workplace Organization and Value Stream Mapping) which will be available for purchase at the same website.

PSI Planner™ version 10.0 released

PSI Plannerversion 10.0 was released on October 26, 2009. Enhancements in version 10.0 include a Calculated Safety Time option and Forecast Percent Change by range and periods.

PSI Planner™ On-Demand

A web-accessed "pay as you go" version of
PSI Planner, our popular Supply Chain Planning system, which allows you to:
  • Organize your Supply Chain Planning in one place                                      
  • Access the system from anywhere                                                     
  • Work together from different locations                                                       
  • Have automatic, secure data backups                                                       
  • Have protected and private data
It's easy to understand and use and no software to install or maintain! So please contact us today to find out more about our new Software as a Service (SaaS) model!
PSI Planner™ for a "Lean" Supply Chain

PSI Planner™ for Windows® Live Web Demo – In these trying economic times, it is more important than ever to manage your company’s order-to-cash cycle and keep your Supply Chain “Lean”.

Using a tool like PSI Planner™ for Windows® to improve your forecast accuracy and move from a demand “push” to a demand “pull” type of system can help you to significantly improve your inventory turns and customer service levels.

PSI Planner™ features integrated Sales Forecasting, DRP/MRP and Master Production Scheduling modules. It is seamlessly integrated with your ERP system, enabling you to have a “closed loop” between your Supply Chain Planning and Execution functions, significantly speeding up your planning and response times in this ever changing world.

Schedule a live web demonstration today to get a better understanding of what an integrated Supply Chain Planning tool can do for your company

PSI Planner™ version 9.0 released

PSI Plannerversion 9.0 was released on September 1, 2008. Enhancements in version 9.0 include an additional forecasting method, Exponential Smoothing, among other things. Future planned enhancements include "best method" Forecasting, Constrained Planning and expanded Web capabilities.

PSI Planner™ version 8.0 released

PSI Plannerversion 8.0 was released on September 1, 2007. We are now working on the next generation of our system which will be totally browser based, thereby enhancing the abiltiy to collaborate and share information anywhere and anytime! Stay tuned for futher updates.

Enhancements in version 8.0 include:

  • Export Forecast Variance Report – Export to a “sortable” comma separated file which can be opened in MS-Excel and other spreadsheet software programs for tracking and reporting.
  • New Action Item – “Past Due Planned Receipts without an existing Scheduled Receipt”. This will allow for additional, automated exception planning as this Action Item will alert users where a potential emergency exists, but there is nothing scheduled to arrive at any point in the future.
  • MPS module PSI View export – Export the “PSI View” (in various units of measure) to either print or view and save in MS-Excel and other spreadsheet software programs.

PSI Planner™ version 7.0 released

PSI Planner version 7.0 was released on September 5, 2006. It includes added features such as:

  • Available To Promise “Exception” Report – allows users to “audit” inventory against actual supply and demand only for 1) SKU’s with Action Item messages and/or 2) "greater than' or 'less than' a selected Periods On Hand of Supply. This report is especially useful for clients with multiple DC’s.
  • Custom Seasonality Index  - users can create and save multiple “custom” seasonality indices for product specific promotional calendars, etc.
  • Forecast Filter Reportcan now compare upcoming forecasts against “same time last year” (or other periods of history) as a “reasonableness” check. Previously could only run against most recent periods of history.

PSI Planner™ ROI Calculator v2.0 released

PSI Plannerhas just released version 2.0 of its' ROI Calculator which is available at
no cost to companies that are in search of a Supply Chain Planning system. The ROI Calculator is a simple spreadsheet tool that enables companies to see what type of actual return on investment they can expect to get from a Supply Chain Planning system and to understand the true "value proposition" that PSI Planner
has to offer versus its' competitors.

PSI Planner™ version 6.0 released

PSI Planner version 6.0 was released on July 5, 2005. It includes added features such as:

  • Data export directly to MS-Excel® – In both the System Initialization and DRP module export screens, we have added the capability to export selected data directly to MS-Excel® for users to have easy access to data for reporting.
  • Global Update Utility in Data Editor – We have added a capability for users to make “global” or “mass” updates to fields in the Data Editor function. The Data Editor function allows users to enter, edit and maintain fields in PSI Plannerthat are not available in their ERP system. This new function allows them to modify data ranges for a specific field saving them the effort of manually entering the same code many times for a field.
  • Firm Planned Customer Orders (FPCO) – Similar to the Firm Planned Order, except this allows users to make incremental changes to an SKU’s daily, weekly or monthly forecasts in the DRP screen. This change will be stored unless otherwise modified by the user or until the date for the FPCO has passed.
  • Global ABC Settings by Vendor – The Global ABC Setting screen allows users to set any or all of the following fields by ABC code on a “global” basis: safety time, lead time, order quantity and order time. Previously, this was only available by Location. Version 6.0 will allow users to set this by Vendor instead if they wish.
  • Additional information on Forecast screen – The forecast main screen is being modified to display additional, useful information for each SKU such as total open customer orders, month-to-date sales and forecast flag setting.
  • ABC table display – After users generate ABC codes in the Forecast module, they will now have the ability to view the table containing the details for all SKU’s.

PSI Planner™ version 5.0 released

Our latest version of PSI Planner is now available and includes new features such as:

  • Store forecast adjustments separately (Manual Adjustment vs. PSI Statistical) - This modification allows users to enter and store adjustments to SKU monthly forecasts separately from the PSI statistical monthly forecast. The Forecast Variance System will then measure the accuracy of both the manual and PSI statistical forecasts. Any SKU forecast adjustments made in the Forecast module will over ride the PSI statistical forecast and be brought over to the DRP module as the "forecast" in the DRP screen (after the system is re-initialized) when creating Planned Orders/Receipts. The Aggregate function will now include the Adjustment field (if entered) instead of the Statistical and any changes made to an aggregate will then be prorated the SKU level and show as an adjustment. 
  • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) calculation - The EOQ calculation minimizes total cost when calculating an order quantity size for an SKU. In PSI Planner, the user enters "global" settings for specific cost categories (i.e. holding costs and ordering costs) in the Options screen of the Forecast module. After entering that data, the user can then automatically calculate an EOQ for each SKU (or a range of SKU's) in the Generate screen of of the Forecast module. The EOQ quantity will then be put into the "Order Quantity/Minimum Order" field in PSI Planner which will then be used to generate Planned Receipts and Orders in the DRP module after initialization. 
  • Expanded Item and Location fields – Users now has the option to import data using expanded item (to 32 characters) and location (to 8 characters) fields. 
  • Environmental check option - PSI Planner does a basic check of the environment such as write permissions of network drive, folders, database integrity, etc. It is a basic checking tool, which will give the user a better explanation of what outside things might be affecting PSI performance. 
  • Sequel Server web access – Added as an alternative for the ODBC interface for the PSI Planner Web Access module 
  • Progress bar and CPU yield – History/Forecast, Forecast Filter and DRP-Planned Order reports now have a progress bar and yields to system CPU to prevent conflicts when running the reports. 
  • “Drop Down/Look Up” search – In the Forecast and DRP module “Access, Find” areas, users can now see entire PSI database of items, locations, etc rather than entering codes from memory.

PSI Plannerversion 4.0 released (includes list of prior enhancements)

Some of the new features in our previous PSI Plannerupgrade included:

  • Web enabled Sales Forecasting, DRP and MRP modules for easy collaboration with remote personnel, customers and suppliers.
  • Firm Planned Orders (FPO) - The Firm Planned Order (FPO) function allows a planner to override the order-planning logic in DRP and specify a date and a quantity for an order. 
  • Frozen Planning Window (FPW) - A Frozen Planning Window refers to periods of time during which the schedule is fixed and typically, no further changes are possible.
  • User defined Seasonality Index/Promotional Calendar - User defined index which can be applied to the forecast in additon to previously existing "automatic" method which uses individual SKU historical data to develop an index.
  • Password Protection - Allows for user access restriction for System and other modules 
  • Flexible import/export - Import and export ASCII flat files, HTML and ODBC interfaced files.
  • Enhanced aggregation and proration - Aggregate/prorate item-location forecasts by Class, ABC code, Zone and a variety of other fields.
  • Multiple forecast options -  Moving average, weighted moving average and percentage change methods now available in addition to Linear Regression.
  • Available To Promise (ATP)  - View “Available to Promise” time phased screen for an item at all locations (i.e. net available against customer orders only; not including forecast).
  • A Forecast Variance Reporting System to "automate" the sometimes tedious but critical activity of measuring planned versus actual forecasts.
  • DRP and MRP graphics capability to visualize current and projected inventory balances versus gross forecasted and actual requirements
We also have future plans to add more Web Enablement features, Constrained Production Planning functionality, and a Finite Capacity Scheduling module to PSI Planner(which will perform detail production line scheduling with specified machine, material and manpower constraints). As is the case now, this new module will be easy to understand and use. 

Web based demonstrations and training now available

We are now able to offer live web demonstrations of PSI Plannersoftware with the option of using sample data from your company.

New and existing customers also have the option of live web based software training as opposed to traditional classroom based training.

Supply Chain Training Services 

We now offer training courses that cover every aspect of the Supply Chain which can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Business people have long appreciated the value of effectively managing the Supply Chain or Logistics function. These functions may include the management of customer service/order entry, purchasing, inventory management, forecasting, production planning, distribution center operations, traffic/transportation and computerized logistics systems. 

The Supply Chain process can absorb 7.5% and more of every sales dollar and directly affects customer satisfaction. 

Innovative Supply Chain strategies, re-engineering of the Supply Chain and improved information flow along with effective use of your resources can:

  • Improve inventory turns and customer service levels
  • Enhance efficient consumer response (ECR) resulting in increased sales
  • Provide logistics network optimization
  • Identify system integration/interface opportunities to improve information flow
  • Consolidate/re-organize traffic and transportation functions to reduce shipping costs per unit 
Logistics Planning Associates, LLC can help identify what Supply Chain services are needed, such as:
  • Identification of Best Practices of Supply Chain 
  • Strategic and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Selection of information technology for the Supply Chain
  • Collapsing of the order replenishment cycle 
  • Determination, quantification and implementation of Supply Chain improvements 
  • Facilitation of the creation/enhancement of process-flow diagrams 
Your Supply Chain trainer should be available to you at the right time and at the right price - with the right qualifications.

The Managing Partner of our consulting practice has been a successful change catalyst for a variety of clients and organizations of all sizes. He has over 18 years experience in Supply Chain strategies, systems and operations that has resulted in bottom-line improvements. 

He has experience with various Supply Chain systems (in addition to PSI Planner) and holds a BS in Logistics from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Physical Distribution from Temple University. He has an extensive background as a Supply Chain professional, teacher and author.

PSI Planner™ article in APICS Magazine

The October 2002 issue of APICS Magazine contained a favorable software review of 
PSI Planner™. Please contact us for copies of the article.

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