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MDF Module

Weeks Software Solutions offers a Master Production Scheduling (MPS) module that is fully integrated within its PSI Planner software. 

The end result of the Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) module is to provide the user with unconstrained production requirements for each manufacturing site (or work center) after the netting and aggregation process is completed. 

Our MPS module does that...and more! It not only allows the user to aggregate net requirements to the manufacturing site, but allows you to set up multiple work centers within a plant. 

A rather unique feature of PSI Planner is the ability for the user to define plant or market zones for each item-location. The system then summarizes not only planned orders for an item-zone, but also: current inventory, forecasts, customer orders, and scheduled receipts. This information is presented in currently selected time buckets in a traditional "PSI" format (i.e. Inventory less Sales plus Production spread over planning time periods). 

The MPS module is fully integrated with both our Forecasting and DRP modules...all at one low price!

Our DRP/MRP and MPS modules are now available as a "stand alone" system going by the name of PSI Planner SPPlease contact us for more information or "click" below to license PSI Planner SP now on Amazon at a special promotional price (available for a limited time only):


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